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"An amazing wildlife experience in tranquil surroundings, a great place to stay and a great base for touring the jungle!" - Trip Advisor


Introduction to CAP

Community Abai Project (CAP) is a community based conservation and eco-tourism initiative located in Kg Abai, at the estuary of the Lower Kinabatangan river, about 40 km from Sukau and about 60 km from the city of Sandakan. This initiative aims to build local capacity, provide alternative and diversified sources of income for local villagers, restore degraded forest areas critical for wildlife and preservation of cultural authenticity. This is a first replication effort of the successful Model Ecologically Sustainable Community Based Conservation and Tourism Initiative or MESCOT for short which was pioneered by the communities of Mukim Batu Puteh 17 years ago, about 120km further upstream of Abai.

CAP was formed on the 27th of Nov 2011 after a period of collaborative effort between the community of Kampung Abai and Batu Puteh and support from key non governmental organizations, private/public foundations and government agencies in response to socio economic and environmental issues faced by Kampung Abai. CAP is established under the village's development committee of socio economic development consisting of 16 committee members who leads the breakdown in various activities in eco-tourism and forest restoration initiative. Our organization is ever growing in building local capacity, developing and sustaining this activities and to achieve self sustainability. We aspire to be on par with other villages along the Lower Kinabatangan such as Sukau, Bilit and Batu Puteh in contributing and playing a role as stewards of the local environment and become a destination not to be missed by people who are flocking to the Lower Kinabatangan.

CAP Vision

To Protect Forest and Wildlife, Harness and Build Capacity among the People and to Generate Sustainable Income Through Sustainable Eco-Tourism Activities.


"The rooms were clean and less basic than we were expecting, having en-suite facilities and comfortable beds. The rooms were well protected from mosquitoes."

- Pete

"We had a fantastic experience and we saw every possible type of animal including a herd of 30 elephants at the edge of the river."

- Boys


04 January 2014

With the dawn of the new year, homestay operators throughout the country are excited about promoting the uniqueness of Malaysian village life to tourists in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 (VMY2014).

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14 January 2011

The Tourism Ministry is to act immediately against fraudulent homestay programmes before the scam undermines the tourism industry

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Moido Waloi Homestay

Moido Waloi Homestay Abai lies closest to the mouth of the Kinabatangan River - a picturesque village of about forty houses and a grand population of a hundred people. Every home has a view of the river, with the exception of one which, because it sits on an elbow, has the river on both sides of it.

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