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Kinabatangan , Sabah , Malaysia, Borneo

About Abai

Abai is a rural village located 40 kilometers from Sandakan Harbor in the estuary of the Kinabatangan River, a highly productive area containing biologically diverse habitat types and wildlife species. The village has a population of 350 people that are predominantly of the ethnic indigenous group Orang Sungai, as well as Tausug and Suluk.

The Orang Sungai (River People) are native to the state of Sabah and have traditionally lived in small groups along the Kinabatangan River. They have their own language and traditional practices and beliefs, but the predominant religion in the area is Islam. Historically, the Orang Sungai have relied on fishing and the surrounding forest habitat for food, shelter and survival.

Kampung Abai

Moido Waloi Homestay Abai lies closest to the mouth of the Kinabatangan River - a picturesque village of about forty houses and a grand population of a hundred people. Every home has a view of river, with the exception of one which, because it sits on elbow, has the river on both sides of it.

Here at Kampung Abai (Abai village), we, the local indigenous "Orang Sungai" (River People), have a unique and diverse story to tell of our past and the ever changing future alongside the Kinabatangan River. Moido Waloi Homestay Abai is part of a picturesque village of about forty houses with a population of three hundred. It lies close to the mouth of the Kinabatangan River and every home has a beautiful view of the river. Presently there are 4 homestay families participating in the homestay program with a total carrying capacity of 20 guests.

Each traditional family home is unique. The houses range in size from large and spacious to small and rustic. All of them have internal bathrooms and separate rooms for guests. Traditional local food is provided, such as the local delicacy of freshwater prawn marinated with tamarind and krill sauce. There is the option of a vegetarian menu if required. Household activities such as cooking local food, village sports and farming activities are part of the experience...



The Chief Minister of Sabah officially gazetted the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary (Map 2) as a protected area on August 11, 2005 due to the high populations of wildlife and valuable forest habitat. The sanctuary is 26,000 hectares (260km2) divided into 10 lots. Through ongoing reforestation efforts we hope to expand this protected area and introduce valuable wildlife corridors to improve the health of the habitat.


Diversity of Forest

Diversity of Forest

6 types of different forest exist in around Abai: Mangrove Forest, Nipah Forests, Peat Swamp Forest, Seasonal Swamp Forest, Riparian Swamp Forest and Low Land Mixed dipterocarp Forest

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Diversity of Wildlife

Diversity of Wild Life

There is a diverse species of birds to be found. Take a peek at the Borneo Pygmy Elephant and also more than 10 different primates can be found in Kg. Abai

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Sungai Cultural Experience

The Sungai cultural experience

Experience Traditional Wedding, Traditional Dance - Mengalai-Abai, Traditional practices, Heritage, Handy Crafts and Get a taste of Abai's traditional Dishes

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River Cruise, Watch the Fire Fly, Cruise to Danau Lake, Walking Around Village.

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Early Filming in the Kinabatangans

Early filming in the Kinabatangan

Martin & Osa Johnson's
Old grave in Danau Pitas

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Abai Habitat Restoration Project

To rehabilitate our local habitat, we have initiated our own forest restoration project in degraded floodplain areas

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"The rooms were clean and less basic than we were expecting, having en-suite facilities and comfortable beds. The rooms were well protected from mosquitoes."

- Pete

"We had a fantastic experience and we saw every possible type of animal including a herd of 30 elephants at the edge of the river."

- Boys


04 January 2014

With the dawn of the new year, homestay operators throughout the country are excited about promoting the uniqueness of Malaysian village life to tourists in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 (VMY2014).

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14 January 2011

The Tourism Ministry is to act immediately against fraudulent homestay programmes before the scam undermines the tourism industry

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Moido Waloi Homestay

Moido Waloi Homestay Abai lies closest to the mouth of the Kinabatangan River - a picturesque village of about forty houses and a grand population of a hundred people. Every home has a view of the river, with the exception of one which, because it sits on an elbow, has the river on both sides of it.

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